7 Signs You're Too Busy in Life ...


7 Signs You're Too Busy in Life ...
7 Signs You're Too Busy in Life ...

Sometimes when you’re overworked, you can start to see signs you're too busy. Whatever you’re the busiest with starts to take top priority and other things in your life don’t get as much of your attention or your body starts to change. Here are a few signs you're too busy.

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Closet is a Mess

Your bedroom closet is one of the signs you’re too busy! Remember the days when your closet was divided and sub-divided into several sections as well as colour coordinated? Now take a look at your closet – if it looks like mine then there’s no rhyme or reason to it anymore. Everything is disheveled and it’s a miracle if you can find what you’re looking for in 15 seconds or less. Personally, the well being of my closet was one of the first things to go as soon as my life got a little busier.


Desk is a Mess

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a well qualified, secretary-by-day, male model-by-night, who is willing to work for free to organize my desk. At this point, I’m not really sure what kind of paperwork, stationery and writing utensils I have available at my desk. As far as I’m concerned, as long as I can find the keyboard and see my computer screen then I consider my desk decent...ish.



During the work week our chores pile up so we depend on our days off to get a little bit of rest and to tackle our to-do list as well. Unfortunately, if you’re finding yourself overly tired on your days off it could be for two reasons. The first, obviously, would be that your mind and body are overworked and need time to rejuvenate. However, the second reason could be related to your health. If you find yourself facing fatigue on all your days off it’s time visit a doctor!


Poor Eating Habits

Unfortunately, when people's lives get busier they don’t eat as fresh or as healthy because it’s not as convenient as eating pre-packaged food or meals from a restaurant. However, your body uses what you eat as a means to replenish and rejuvenate itself. Therefore, if your diet lacks vitamins, minerals, oils, and nutrients then your body is basically running with an empty tank. With poor eating habits comes poor health and when your health is poor, it’s hard to keep up with your work week.


Appearance Starts to Fall

Painting your nails or tweezing your eyebrows every week becomes mundane and time consuming when you have so many high priority things to accomplish during your week. Many women begin to forgo their beauty standards, which is completely understandable when their lives become hectic. So, as a compromise, if you find yourself not having as much time to take care of your looks, just remember a few things: grooming of hair, hydrating your skin and body, routine exercise and maintaining personal hygiene will get you much further than a coat of nail polish any day!



There are only so many things one person can handle. With that being said, when the work or home environment becomes overwhelming, the relationships we hold near and dear can start to crumble. The best way to make sure you don’t have to sacrifice any relationships in your life due to time constraints is by scheduling your week. Try to squeeze in an hour for lunch with your group of friends or a day dedicated just for family time. A good cheat to managing your friends is by throwing a party or dinner once in a while – that way everyone has to come to you and you can see all your friends and family at once, leaving your schedule empty for other things in the next upcoming weeks.



Another indicator that your life is becoming busier is that you’re more emotional than before. Whether it is a feeling of frustration or stress or even sadness, you find yourself more upset than usual. Again, a lot this sudden “moodiness” can be dealt with by managing your time. When you schedule time for friends, family, hobbies or even just relaxing, alone time with yourself, you’ll find your attitude improves.

The most important thing to remember when your life gets busy is time management and discipline. A planner is your best friend and organizing your time and activities will improve your life. However, it’s not enough just to allot time; you must stick to the promises you’ve made to yourself. What are other signs that one’s life is getting busier and how can he/she deal with it?

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