7 Signs You're Too Busy in Life ...


Sometimes when you’re overworked, you can start to see signs you're too busy. Whatever you’re the busiest with starts to take top priority and other things in your life don’t get as much of your attention or your body starts to change. Here are a few signs you're too busy.

1. Closet is a Mess

Your bedroom closet is one of the signs you’re too busy! Remember the days when your closet was divided and sub-divided into several sections as well as colour coordinated? Now take a look at your closet – if it looks like mine then there’s no rhyme or reason to it anymore. Everything is disheveled and it’s a miracle if you can find what you’re looking for in 15 seconds or less. Personally, the well being of my closet was one of the first things to go as soon as my life got a little busier.

Desk is a Mess
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