7 Signs You're the Mom of Your Friend Group ...


So, you’re looking for signs you’re the mom of the friend group? As someone who has identified with being the “mom of the friend group” stereotype since middle school, I can tell you that they are easy to spot. You’ll find yourself worrying like a mother while doling out snacks, breath mints, and gum from your bottomless purse. If you think you may just fit this description, continue reading for signs you’re the mom of the friend group!

1. Everyone Goes to You for Advice

One of the biggest signs you’re the mom of the friend group is if people often come to you for advice. If someone needs advice, you know that you’re the first person they go to. Whether it’s about a guy, school, or work, your friends will come to you when they need advice. You’re used to it, but sometimes you wish you had someone else you could ask for advice too!

You Fix Everyone’s Problems
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