15 Signs Your Life is Going Better than You Think ...

By Holly

15 Signs  Your Life  is Going Better  than You Think  ...

Don't assume that your life sucks. I can convince you that things are actually going pretty well for you. If the following things are true, then you should be happy with your life:

1 You Don’t Really Have That Much to Complain about

If your only complaints are about the weather and your favorite TV show, you have it good.

2 You’ve Stopped Caring so Much about What Other People Think

This is a step in the right direction.

3 You Understand and Accept That Life Doesn’t Always Go to Plan

You can't always get what you want.

4 You Can Be Pleased at Other Peoples Good Fortune

You should be happy when your bestie gets a promotion, not jealous.

5 Your Relationships Are Stable and Reliable

It's always nice to have close family and friends.

6 You Have All the Basics That You Need

Don't forget how important food and water are.

7 You Have the Chance to Make Things Better

As long as you're living, you have the opportunity to change things.

8 You've Made Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable. As long as you learn from them you will grow into exactly who you want to be.

9 You Have a Job

Be grateful you have some way to support yourself because many people don't. And if it's a job you love, you're set!

10 You Have a Car

It may not be a fancy dream car, but many people don't have reliable or stable transportation so if you do, be grateful.

11 You've Traveled

Many people don't leave their city let alone state or country. So if you've been fortunate to see the world then you've seen more than most.

12 You Have Hobbies

Having a hobby is great-even if it is eating while binge-watching Netflix on your day off-at least you have something you enjoy in life.

13 You're Working towards a Goal

If you've found something you're passionate about and you're taking the steps you need to achieve that then you're doing something so valuable for your future!

14 You Have Clothes

Sounds cliché but you'd be surprised how many people don't have a full wardrobe at their disposal!

15 You've Survived This Far

Some people don't survive past traumas! You're reading this which means you can confidently say you have survived everything you've endured thus far and that is a HUGE accomplishment!!

Are all of these things true for you?

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