7 Signs You Are over All the Insecurities You Had in High School ...


The high school years can be quite difficult due to all those things associated with puberty like the awkward growth spurts or the rampant acne. But if you think about the actual school parts of high school, you’ll realize that those years weren’t so bad after all. Even though at that time, the people who said things like “none of this will matter in a few years” were really annoying, you now realize that they were actually right. The older we get, the more comfortable with ourselves we become and all those insecurities that upset us on a daily basis are now gone. Here are 7 signs you are over all the insecurities you had in high school:

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You Are Open about What You like

One of the most obvious signs that you have finally gotten over high school insecurity is the fact that you are now unapologetically open about the things that you really like, for example, things that you were disproportionally embarrassed by when you were in high school. This way, you get to know more easily people who share a common interest with you and you make new friends.


You Don’t Feel the Need to Constantly Compare Yourself to Other People

This doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally compare yourself to others as an adult but the fact that you are different won’t bother you so much anymore. You don’t dress according to what others say you should look like, you wear what you like and what reflects best your personality. So, let your inner beauty shine and be yourself in every situation!


You Are Happy for Your Friends’ Successes

Even though when you were in high school your friends’ successes felt like your personal failures because anything that they got was something that you didn’t get, as an adult, you’ve learned how to respect more a person’s individuality and you don’t feel threatened by your friends’ accomplishments. Also, if they manage to achieve something, this doesn't make you look bad by comparison, so you are really happy for them and more secure with yourself.


You Don’t Use Social Media to Validate Your Happiness

You know you are over all those insecurities you had in high school when you realize that you don’t use social media to validate your happiness or your worth. You don’t get so upset if that picture that you posted an hour ago didn’t get so many likes and you post things that make you happy, not things that you hope others will enjoy.


You Wear What You like

You are not obsessed with fashion and the latest trends anymore; you simply wear what you want, what suits you best and what reflects your personality. As an adult, you stop caring about how everyone wants you to dress and you buy clothes that you feel happy in.


Peer Pressure Doesn’t Affect You Anymore

Even though in high school peer pressure had a huge effect on you, you realize that as an adult, it doesn't affect you so much anymore. You’ve gotten over that overwhelming need to be liked by everyone and you feel secure when it comes to the choices you make or the opinions you have.


You Don’t Take Constructive Criticism Personally

When you are feeling insecure, it’s hard not to take things personally, even if that criticism was meant to help you. But as you grow older and you become more confident in yourself and your abilities, you are able to actually reap the benefits of constructive criticism and you don’t let your feelings get in the way of becoming a better individual.

Also, as an adult, you have more confidence and conviction in your decisions, you no longer think that you are “ugly”, you take responsibility for your actions and you won’t be afraid to fail anymore. You realize that failure can be one of the best teachers you’ll ever have. Do you know any other signs that someone is over their high school insecurities? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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#OverIt :)

I agree with Michelle , age plays a big role as we grow we become more smarter .

I'd just add taking people's comments with "a grain of salt," & paying more attention to what they do than what they preach. "Actions speak louder than words."

These are great and so true

I'm a senior in high school and I've gotten over a lot of things and I've accepted myself for who i am and I'm actually a lot happier. I guess as we get older we tend to understand life more.

So nice and so true ! (:

I'm still dealing with 2, 3 and 7 :(

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