Signs You Are Definitely a Fan Girl ...


Fan girls wear their obsession on their sleeve. To the outsider, the signs of a fan girl might not be so obvious but as a fan girl you know them. And it isn’t all about being out of control in your love for something. Not sure if you’re a fan girl? Here’s how to tell if you’re a fully paid-up, card carrying fan girl:

1. You Know All the Factoids about the Object of Your Obsession

You know all about their family; if the mom and dad are divorced, how many siblings there are and what their true name is. A lot of people can find out that stuff, though. You may also know the name if their first grade teacher and what kind of grades they got in school, the name of their first love from kindergarten, the brand of deodorant they use, and if they like smooth or chunky peanut butter. You even know the real reason they broke up with their significant other. You’ve got even the minutest of details and you’re not sharing them with anyone!

Copycatting is a Sincere Form of Fan Girl Flattery
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