9 Sad TV Commercials Guaranteed to Make You Cry ...


I don’t know when this trend started, but lately, the airwaves seem to be full of sad TV commercials, all guaranteed to make you cry. Or maybe it’s just me, being an overly emotional person… but I don’t think so! I actually really love ads that tug at my heartstrings, and if you do too, grab the Kleenex and keep reading. Here are my picks for the most tragic, touching, and downright sad TV commercials of all time.

1. Embrace Life

I’m not sure if this necessarily belongs among the sad TV commercials, but it does make me cry. A lot. Every time I watch it. While most wear-your-seatbelt commercials use fear to convince you to be safe, this one uses love. Made for less than $50,000 and never actually aired on TV, it’s become an international sensation, transcending the need for translation – we can all see, and to the point, FEEL, what’s going on here, without words. Right in the feels.

Pictures of You
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