8 Relaxing Things You Should do This Summer ...


8 Relaxing Things You Should do This Summer ...
8 Relaxing Things You Should do This Summer ...

Sometimes we are so busy that Summer just seems to go by in a flash, so why not enjoy it with more relaxing things to do? Shut down your phone and social media for a day, and open a good book, take a walk with an old friend, and enjoy the little things in life. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking in my head, “Wow I can’t wait to make a list and do these things with the kids!” It really makes a difference when you learn to not be in such a rush and schedule so many things at once. Enjoy these relaxing things to do this Summer and spread the word of how good it felt to just sit in the sun and not do anything!

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Go for a Bike Ride...

Go for a Bike Ride... Riding my bike is probably one of my favorite relaxing things to do in the Spring and Summer. I can finally enjoy the warm air again and exercise without even trying too hard! Going for a bike ride is a great way to discover new things in your town that you may not have noticed before. One time while out on a ride with my daughter, we found a summer camp that was filled with adorable little houses for campers!



Fishing... Last year I went fishing for the very first time and now I can’t wait to get back in the boat and go again! I even caught my first bass, and it was big enough to bring home to clean and cook for dinner. Fishing is probably one of the most relaxing things to do in the summertime; just hanging out in the water waiting for a catch, no worries at all. It’s very serene. Fishing is a great way to bring your mind back to center and slow down your busy life a bit.


Visit Your Library...

Visit Your Library... Instead of driving to the book store at the mall, why not take a walk to your local library? It’s not only a great way to enjoy books for free, but also a great way to socialize. Many libraries have social clubs for all ages, whether it’s a photography club meetup, a movie club, or even a knitting club. They also have free activities for little ones to enjoy if you’re on a tight budget and won’t be vacationing to the beach this Summer.


Have a "Me" Day...

Have a "Me" Day... Turn off your cell phone, step away from all of the social media outlets and have a nice relaxing “Me” day. Fill up the bath tub, turn on some Alicia Keys or Adele, grab your favorite wine, and enjoy! Sometimes we just need a day to clear our heads, de-stress, and regroup. Giving yourself this time will not only make you feel better, but it will also put you in a better mood to deal with stressful things. Giving yourself a me day can make you more productive overall, so don’t be afraid to tell the world that you won’t be answering them for the next 24 hours!



Yoga... I’ve never actually tried yoga, but I hear it’s supposed to be pretty relaxing. She looks relaxed...right?! It’s more than just learning different positions like the downward dog or the cat-cow stretch. Yoga is a practice of calming the mind and being in a peaceful state within your mind, body, and soul. If you really need a relaxing, stress free Summer, consider taking a yoga class to learn how to find the tranquility you need in your life.



Journal... Remember those days when you would write in your journal like it was your best friend? This Summer let’s revisit those feelings and vow to write in our journals every day. Whether you jot down fun ideas, write little love notes to someone special, or leave yourself inspiring words to come back to when you need them the most, just write it all down. Journaling is a great way to set your mind free of stress, worries, and emotions. On those days when you just want to scream because you’ve had enough, sit outside in the sun and open your journal. It may just become your secret best friend again!


Cook Something New...

Cook Something New... Have fun in the kitchen this Summer with new recipes that you can make with your kids or with your friends. Cooking can be a fun experience when experimenting with new ingredients. But remember to have fun with it and don’t get stressed out if it burns or doesn’t taste the way you thought it would. It’s all a learning experience and can be a relaxing activity if you let it.



Hobby Do you have a craft or a hobby that you used to enjoy, but have put on the back burner since going to college or having kids? This Summer pull out your crafts again, dust off the sewing machine and relax with the hobby you love most. I love scrapbooking and card making but haven’t really had the time or made time for it lately. However, this Summer I will take a few days to make sure my hobby love comes first!

What are some of your favorite relaxing things to do that you have planned for this Summer? Will you be sitting at the pool with your journal or learning a new yoga pose?

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Excellent post. I will do thoses activites for sure:)

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