7 Reasons Youre Always Late and How to Change That ...

By Alicia

7 Reasons Youre Always Late and How to Change That ...

If you are a person that always runs late, there are reasons you’re always late. If you can identify them, you can take steps to try to change them. Running late is stressful on you and everyone that is around you. Let’s go through these potential reasons you’re always late and see which one pertains to your individual situation.

Table of contents:

  1. you underestimate the time it takes you to get ready
  2. you get distracted when you are getting ready
  3. you think others should just wait on you
  4. you are very particular in how you look
  5. you try to do too many things at once
  6. you spend too much time deciding what to wear
  7. you don’t allow for traffic and other factors in driving

1 You Underestimate the Time It Takes You to Get Ready

One of the potential reasons you’re always late may be that you underestimate the time it takes you to get ready. You can fix this one easily enough. Time yourself getting ready a few times. See how long it actually takes you and compare it to the amount of time you thought it took you to get ready. If there is a gap in those two time frames, there is your problem. You simply need to adjust that and you will not have this obstacle preventing you from being on time any more.

2 You Get Distracted when You Are Getting Ready

Maybe you get distracted when you are getting ready. Perhaps you are pulled away by a television show that you want to watch or you want to complete just one more level on a game. Maybe a family member keeps texting you and interrupting you. Whatever it is, it can definitely be a cause for you to be late. Sometimes you just have to refuse to give in to distractions and it will help you to be on time more often.

3 You Think Others Should Just Wait on You

This one is one that is hard to fix. That is because it is a signal there is a deeper problem going on than time management. This problem signals that you think your time is more valuable than that of others. If this is you, it may help to consider that everyone’s time matters to them and that it is inconsiderate to think otherwise. Once a person understands this, this problem goes away.

4 You Are Very Particular in How You Look

You might be a person that is extremely particular in how you present yourself to the world. That is absolutely fine but if it is causing you to be late, you may need to rethink your beauty routines. If your routine for getting ready to leave the house is taking you an excessive amount of time, examine it. Can it be reworked? Can you tweak it?

5 You Try to do Too Many Things at Once

Maybe you try to do too many things at once. You might be trying to get ready but decide to hurry and load the dishwasher before you leave. You might think you have time to do one more load of laundry before you go. I totally get this because if I am late, this is usually why. I have had to learn to just focus on getting out the door at times and tell myself that everything else will be there when I get home. If I am not careful, I can get caught up in cleaning and put myself very behind on where I should be in my schedule for that day.

6 You Spend Too Much Time Deciding What to Wear

Sometimes people are late because they cannot decide what to wear. This one is a very easy fix. Decide what you are going to wear the day or evening before. This is so helpful. The decision is made so all you have to do is simply get dressed.

7 You Don’t Allow for Traffic and Other Factors in Driving

Perhaps you underestimate the time it takes you to get from point A to point B. Or you may realize the length of time it takes you to get there but you allow no extra time for traffic or other factors that might impede your arrival. You can fix this by timing how long it takes you to get where you are going and then you have the accurate time factor to work with. Then you need to add at least a few extra minutes for any delays you might encounter on your way to your destination. When you allow for the time you truly need and a bit longer for any possible delays, you have taken care of this problem.

These are 7 reasons that you may always be late and some ways to combat them. What reason are you always running late? Do these strategies help you to feel hopeful you can fix that?

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