7 Reasons Why You Should Watch TED Talks More Often ...


With their captivating, lively, and informative nature, it’s not a mystery as to why you should watch TED talks more often. It’s easy to share with friends, family, or even in the classroom. I always love when my friends forward me TED talks that I need to see! So sit back and relax while you find out why you should watch TED talks today!

1. Creative

TED talks vary in times, from five minutes upward; however, regardless of the length, their creativity keeps me entertained. It’s so cool to learn about improv or how to read Chinese using imagery! Anyone acquainted with TED will explain why you should watch TED talks as they fill your imagination with visuals and admiration, such as Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. All you have to do is search videos tagged with ‘creativity’ to see what I mean. It’s definitely worth checking it out, though you might soon find yourself addicted like I am.

Easy to Use
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