7 Reasons to Buy a PS4 for Your Boyfriend ...

If your boyfriend already has a PS3 or XBox One, you might be wondering what are the reasons to buy a PS4 for him. There are loads of exciting games being released this year for the PS4 and not only will he love you for it, you might even get a shot if he's willing to share! Here are 7 great reasons to buy a PS4 for your boyfriend - but don't say I didn't warn you if he ends up spending more time with it than he does with you!

1. He'll Be Super-grateful

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Buying him something he really wants for Valentine's Day or his birthday is a great move - not only does it show you're thoughtful and you care about his interests, it also means he'll be super-grateful. If you're smart, you can use this to your advantage by suggesting places you'd like to go and things you'd like to do. He loves you, so he'll be sure to oblige! This is one of the best reasons to buy a PS4 for your guy.

2. You'll Get Some Freedom

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If you live with your man then you know how great spending nights in cosied up together on the sofa can be. But sometimes you need a bit of space and freedom to do your own thing too. Buying him a PS4 means you can go out with your friends safe in the knowledge he's happy gaming for hours on end!

3. You Can Get into Gaming

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Whether you're already a gamer or just fancy giving it a shot, buying your boyfriend the latest games console means you can get in on the action. That is, if you can get him to share! There are heaps of great games out there that you're sure to love.

4. Make Present Buying Easy

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Once you've bought your boyfriend his PS4, present buying becomes easier in the future! You can buy him controllers, accessories and new games for his console, so you'll never be stuck for ideas about what to buy ever again!

5. Watch What You like

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If you're sick of watching Sky Sports or being shown clips of boxing on YouTube, distracting your boyfriend with a games console is a great idea! You can hog the Netflix to your heart's content watching whatever you like or download the latest series to watch - why not check out HBO's Girls?

6. He'll Be the Envy of His Friends

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Men love when they have an awesome girlfriend they can show off. Make him the envy of all his friends by buying him a cool games console rather than a boring gift this year and he's sure to be endlessly telling his friends how super-amazing you are!

7. Get the Latest Games

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Buying your boyfriend a console means you can wait for him to buy games and borrow them, if you're a gaming girl like me! My boyfriend tends to buy more games than I do, and we quite often swap, so this is a great idea if you don't want to spend a fortune on all the latest releases.

There are loads more reasons to buy your boyfriend a PS4 this year - of course, you could get him an XBox One, but most people are either Xbox or Playstation fans, and I know which console I would rather receive! What games are you most looking forward to for the PS4 this year?

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