7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Technology Detox ...

By Donatella

7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Technology Detox ...

Let’s be real – every single one of us should go on a technology detox. Technology has taken over our daily lives to the point of having panic attacks if we are not up to date on what’s going on with our friends or with the world. God forbid you go 5 minutes without checking your phone, right?! It’s like the worst feeling in the world. Well, I recently challenged myself to go on a technology detox and I dare you to try it, too!

1 Spend More Quality Time with You

Without taking a technology detox, how else are you supposed to get to know yourself better? It’s extremely difficult to focus on your own goals and dreams if you’re always living vicariously through your friends or family…put the phone down for a while!

2 Take on a New Activity

Maybe you’ll find out that you love to cook or that you’re actually really good at a sport. Spending less time on your phone, tablet, or computer will give you the opportunity to learn something new or try something new! Those of you in college: this is such a life changing experiment to get more involved around campus rather than just reading about it through your University’s website or Twitter account.

3 Get Fresh Air

Live your life in the real world, girl! Even though there’s a chill in the air as winter approaches, take the dog for a walk or drag some friends to walk along the beach, or go spend some time at a local park. Make good use of the beautiful world around you! It’s tempting to want to take pictures of everything and post it on Facebook, or make note of where you are 24/7 on Twitter. Why not go somewhere and enjoy it for YOURSELF instead of focusing so much on only doing things so you can broadcast to the world.

4 Get to Know Your Friends

No, texting doesn’t count as getting to know someone. Invite that friend of yours whom you haven’t seen in ages to grab some coffee; get to know your circle of friends better through doing activities together; host a get-together and invite old and new friends to hang out and enjoy each others’ company. I’ve personally made it a goal to spend more in person time with my friends and put down my phone while we’re together.

5 Read or Write

You know that book you’ve wanted to read for a while that’s only been collecting dust on your shelf? Why not actually read it this time around? When I took a break from my phone and computer, I realized how much I enjoy getting lost in a good book or writing down my thoughts in a journal/diary. It’s only when I decide to stop letting the outside world influence and affect me that I can get into my own thoughts and make good use of my time and energy through stimulating my brain.

6 Maximize Your Study Time

Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this one but stepping away from technology is the best way to really hit the books. It certainly does take a lot of will power to log off Facebook, turn your phone off, or stop spending hours on Instagram, but once you turn off the noise you will be able to maximize your time to study and get ahead in school.

7 Give Back

What better way to use your time than to give back to your community? This could be as simple as giving back to your school or to a friend who really needs your help. Being preoccupied and obsessed with technology and social media can really prohibit you from making an impact to those around you. The fact that the holiday season is quickly approaching us, why not spend your time collecting sweaters or clothes or toys for a charity?

Admitting that you may be using too much of your time on technology is the first step toward a new life: this is your time to go on a technology detox. What is something you will do during your detox?

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