7 Reasons Why 🤔 You Should Give up 🗑 Drinking out of Plastic Bottles 🥤 ...


If you were one of the many millions of people who were hooked to David Attenborough’s recent series Blue Planet II, then you probably haven’t been able to get those horrifying images of sea creatures and landscapes fighting the insane amount of plastic that now rests under and on top of the ocean surface. The human population’s relationship with plastic has definitely reached a breaking point, and we need to start doing things to change the way we use the harmful product. Here are seven reasons why you should give up drinking out of plastic bottles for good and it isn’t all about the health of marine life – it’s for your health too.

1. Chemicals

When discarded, plastic bottles have the potential to release harmful chemicals in to our water. When they are blasted with UV radiation from the sun, the outer layers of the plastic can break down and release chemicals that are harmful to animals and humans alike.

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