7 Reasons Why the 90s Were the Best ...


I can go on and on about why the 90s were the best. Music, food, children and even world events seemed livelier during the 90s. When I look back, the 90s were the calm before the technological storm that crashed over us in the Noughties. Here are a few more reasons, in my opinion, why the 90s were the best.

1. The Toys

The Toys

Easy Bake Ovens, Polly Pocket and those strange Furbies (which are making a comeback apparently?) were just a few reasons as to why the 90s were the best. Sure there was no Leap Frog or iPads but that’s okay because the kids of the 90s had imagination and real fun! A summer in the 90s wasn’t complete without at least one water fight with Super Soaker water guns.

The Music
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