7 Reasons Why People Cry ...


I was staring at the ceiling one night waiting for sleep to come when I caught myself making a mental list of the many reasons why people cry. It started when I remembered the question asked by my three-year-old nephew, Timothy, "Ayee (Auntie), my eyes have water when you want me to sleep but I don’t want to. Why?" I don’t remember what I said (and don’t make me remember please because my answer may be embarrassing) so let me just share my notes of the reasons why people cry.

1. Loneliness

Loneliness from not having someone at the most depressing moment of your life is one of the many reasons why people cry. Or could it be loneliness or homesickness from being away from home. I feel that most of the time now that I am living in a country miles away from my mother, siblings, close relatives and friends. And yes, I shed a tear or two because I just simply miss them.

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