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7 Reasons Why It's Okay Not to Go Back to School ...

By Isabel

Everyone tells you it’s never too late to go back to school, but no one ever tells you that sometimes it’s too soon to go back. Education is very important and something I’ve always valued. I was at the top of my class in high school and graduated from a four-year university with honors. However, I felt the need to take a break from school, and not everyone agreed with me. Maybe a break is just what you need. Let me give you a few reasons why it’s okay for you not to go back to school.

1 Money

If you’re tight on money, and not able to get financial aid, don’t worrying about going back to school right away! Student loans are the worst, and have increased exponentially, passing just about every other type of loan or credit out there. While many agree (as do I) that education is an investment in your future, sometimes, you can’t afford the luxury of being tens of thousands of dollars in debt after graduating. It’s fine to wait until you can get financial aid or are more financially stable.

2 Time

Maybe you’re a newlywed, or a new parent, or got a promotion and more hours at your job, or you’re simply just busy with life! Take a well-deserved break. Going back to school means juggling school, a job (or two!), family, and personal life. It’s okay to be "too busy" for school. School will always be there, but your niece’s first steps or your promotion at the job you love won’t always happen.

3 Good Job!

People don’t always find jobs they love, with amazing coworkers and bosses, with good pay and benefits. But if you’ve been fortunate enough to find a job that’s right for you at the moment, it’s perfectly fine to take some more time off of school. If going to school means leaving your job, you may not always want to go to school. Don’t let people feel like you’re settling! It’s your decision, not theirs. Like I said before, school will always be there if you choose to go back.

4 Family and Friends

If you don’t feel comfortable moving away from your family and friends, and possibly a significant other, then don’t! People underestimate the negative power of being homesick; it can really bring your mood and performance down. I’m sure your family wouldn’t mind you staying!

5 Burnt out

I know for me, I was completely burnt out by my last year of university. If you’re a recent college grad, or maybe just burnt out from other things in your life, taking a break from school is not only okay, but completely necessary! I was so tired from the constant research projects and papers and seminars and readings and lectures that I knew I was going to need a break. If you’re in the same boat, trust me, you need to take some time off. Travel, find a fun job, hang out with your friends and family, reconnect with yourself. Take this time for yourself.

6 Unsure of Your Future

We’re all a little unsure of what our future holds. Maybe the picture is a bit more clear to others, and the end goal is in sight, but for others, that goal may be nowhere near your line of vision. Don’t feel pressured to know the answers right away, but also know that school isn’t going to answer every life question you have. In my time off of school, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my needs. Only you can do that. Take the time to really find out what you want.

7 Not Ready

Above all, if you feel like you’re not ready to return to research papers, lectures, late night study sessions, endless trips to the library and to your professor’s office, it’s okay to take your time. When you feel comfortable and ready to go back to school, your choice of school will always be there. Don’t feel bad for not returning to school. It took my mom 10 years before she decided to return to school to get her Master’s degree, and by that time, she was married with four kids! Anything is possible at any time.

I hope this has helped you realize that there are others out there in the same boat as you. Sometimes, returning back to school can be a bad thing at the moment. Take your time because school is a BIG step and you don’t want to rush into it. You never know what you can discover about yourself in this hiatus period. I mean, I never thought I could actual become a freelance writer and here I am! Above all, listen to what your needs are. If you need a year, or two, or five, go for it! What’s one reason you decided not to return to school? How has a break from school helped you?

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