The Importance of Never Oversharing Again ...

By Tara

The Importance of Never Oversharing Again ...

Do you know people that spend time oversharing on social media? People that divulge their life details about what they do each day, where they went and their deepest feelings? These people come across as lonely and without a filter as they express themselves through posts, sometimes several times a day. And at the end of the day, what they are putting out on the internet cannot be undone, after being expressed to countless readers. Here are the reasons oversharing on social media is a definite don’t:

Table of contents:

  1. some things are private
  2. should not share others' personal lives
  3. people do not need to know and it's unsafe
  4. cannot undo what you have done
  5. you look lonely
  6. you should spend more time face to face
  7. time can be spent better

1 Some Things Are Private

Expressing details on the date you had last night should not be aired across Instagram, Facebook and every other social media outlet. Certain things in life should be kept private, so if you feel the need to share, call up a friend or family member and share on the phone rather than with a whole world of readers. So do you know anyone that spends their time oversharing on social media?

2 Should Not Share Others' Personal Lives

Recently, a family member decided to discuss their anger through Facebook, rather than addressing the other family member. This move caused an all-out fight between the two when it all could have been avoided if this was addressed in the first place. So if you're upset with someone, address them head on, rather than hiding behind a computer.

3 People do Not Need to Know and It's Unsafe

Do people really need to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or do they need to know all the spaces you are at each day? I think not! So stop oversharing your life. It is not safe and it is silly to do this!

4 Cannot Undo What You Have Done

Once you put a negative message out on the internet, you cannot undo what has been done. Even if you delete a post, all the initial readers may have seen what you wrote before. So think twice before you air your life!

5 You Look Lonely

If you are always posting on social media, you are probably lonely and looking for some attention. And the readers on the other end will see this cry for help. So rather than posting continually on your life, focus on the people in the world around you. There are a lot of amazing people you can learn from, a lot more than what you will get back from social media outlets!

6 You Should Spend More Time Face to Face

Social media is great to keep in touch with all the people that you do not see from day to day, but use social media for this only. Reconnect with friends and family and make plans to meet up face to face. There is nothing like connecting in person and no social media outlet can replace this!

7 Time Can Be Spent Better

Think about how your time can be spent better rather than oversharing on social media. It takes time to write your posts and reply to comments and in the grand scheme of life, will this make a difference or are you wasting your time? You know the answer to this one! To create a successful life, you need to take steps towards this each day.

So tell me, has anyone hurt you by oversharing your life on social media? If yes, I am so sorry to hear, I know it hurts but call this person and address them. And never make the same mistake. Be the best person you can be and you will live the wonderful life that you deserve!

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