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7 Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be a Geek ...

By Lauren

I’ve never understood why “geek” has ever been used as a derogatory term, as there are so many reasons why it’s awesome to be a geek. I’m a self-confessed lover of Star Wars, fantasy novels and historical trivia with nothing but pride in my geekiness. So here are 7 reasons why it’s awesome to be a geek.

1 Hobbies and Interests

Geeks always have something they’re really into, which means they’ve always got something to say and there’s always a group of people out there for them to fit in with, because of a shared interest. It doesn’t matter that these interests aren’t exactly ‘mainstream’, because originality is awesome. This is definitely one of the top reasons why it’s awesome being a geek.

2 Dedication

if you can be really dedicated to one of your geeky hobbies, it’s something that can be transferred to other aspects of your life too: school or college work, your career, even your family. Some people go through life without ever really committing to anything they do. Not us geeks though.

3 Intelligence

One of the best things about being a geek has to be our brains. What’s not to love about being clever? It’s great to have a head full of knowledge (even useless trivia!) and be able to pick up new skills and information quickly, because it feels good and is also very useful. This intelligence can also help us to find solutions to problems where others have failed, which leads us into the fourth point…

4 Resourcefulness

Geeks are resourceful because we’re usually full of all sorts of different ideas. Plus, many of us will have faced difficulties because of our geekiness that we’ve had to find a way to overcome, such as bullying, that others may not have. Therefore, we can be more resilient and not at all adverse to picking ourselves up and trying something over and over again, however many times we may have failed.

5 Success

Bill Gates anyone? With all of that dedication, intelligence and resourcefulness, it’s no surprise that geeks often achieve high levels of success in both academic and professional careers. Being successful and potentially being able to earn a lot of money has got to be one of the best reasons why it’s awesome to be a geek.

6 Patience

Well if that success takes a little while, geeks will probably be OK waiting for the right opportunity. When you’ve stood in line for hours (or even days) ready for a new book or game release, your patience is generally limitless.

7 It’s No Longer Uncool

It’s quite different, but one of the reasons why it’s awesome to be a geek is that it’s no longer considered to be so uncool. Geeks today are at less risk of having their heads flushed down toilets because certain levels of geekiness, at least, are considered fashionable. The downside of this is that we’re surrounded by ‘fake geeks’: girls with fake nails and blonde hair extensions wearing big glasses with nothing but ordinary glass in and a t-shirt that says “geek” on it.

So if you ever feel down about your geekiness, don’t, because there are so many reasons why being a geek is awesome! Embrace it and make the most of it because, chances are, you’ll have talents and qualities that many others will be jealous of.

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