7 Reasons to Not Unplug ...


7 Reasons to Not Unplug ...
7 Reasons to Not Unplug ...

As much as everyone tells me to take a break from technology and “unplug”, I personally think there are so many reasons to not unplug. Technology is a window to the world and taking a break too often can block that window. It is not how much you use technology that forces you to need to unplug, it is how you use it. If you are smarter about how you browse the Internet and connect with friends, there are so many reasons to not unplug and stay connected.

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Stay Informed

One of the most important reasons to not unplug is that you would have no idea of what is going on with the world. You tell yourself that you would read a newspaper, but how many of you would actually pick up a newspaper to stay informed? Technology helps us connect to the world around us and informs us of what is going on across the globe. From tweets, to websites, to apps, news is at our fingertips 24/7, which can be a great thing if you utilize it.


Connect with Friends

We like to think that we would still keep all of our friends if we didn’t have technology, but that technology is changing the way we interact with one another. Rather than unplug completely, use technology to interact more with friends. Skype with friends who live far away, or even start connecting with individuals in a different country and make a new friend.


Stay on Top of Work

It is very rare that you don’t use your computer to get work done. Unplugging can put you behind on work and leave you even more stressed out than before. Try to not overload yourself with work to avoid feeling the need to unplug. If you balance work and life, there is no real reason that you should take time away from your technology.


Learn Something New

The Internet has an overwhelming amount of information just waiting for you to stumble upon it. It you feel the need to take some time away from friends and work, try using the Internet to provide you with some culture. Learn about countries in Asia, view pictures of European cities, read about an archaeological dig, watch videos of the ballet. The options are literally endless.


You Can Relax Just as Well

People feel the need to unplug when they want to relax and clear their head. But you can do that without having to take a walk on a beach at sunset. Websites like rainymood.com or getrelaxed.com play calming sounds to help you clear your mind. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the calming sounds the Internet has to offer.



If you are feeling down and looking for something to inspire and uplift you, technology is the place to go. There are so many stories of strangers doing good for others, friends helping friends, and incredible acts of kindness being committed across the world. If you are feeling sad, depressed, and down, checking out all of the inspiration is one of the best reasons to not unplug.



We wouldn’t spend so much time with our technology if it made us so unhappy. You do not need to unplug to refresh your mind. You just have to be smarter about how you are using technology. Go to websites that will make you happy, not leave you feeling drained. Sites like calmingmanatee.com and huffingtonpost.com are perfect to bring a much needed smile to your face.

When people tell me that I need to unplug and take a break from technology, I laugh at them. Why should I take time away from my technology when there are plenty of great reasons to not unplug? What did you think of these reasons to not unplug? What are some other reasons to not unplug? Do you think it is a good idea to not unplug?

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I like this to a certain extent. I think it's rude to be on your phone or whatever while your with people but I think it's good on your down time

I completely disagree with number 5 and 7. If I want to relax and clear my mind I prefer going out for a hike ,go to my yoga class, read a book or other activities that I really enjoy instead of spending my time in front of my computer or phone. Same with happiness.

OMG jade you pic is SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY u are beautiful and don't let know body tell u different

Disagree!!!!! I think people need to learn to put their phones etc down. I get so irritated when m out with my friends Having dinner or something and one of them is in the phone the whole time.....it's like u are u even here...grrr people are getting badly addicted to Internet and I strongly believe it's leading to a big problem in ye future. People have forgotten who to socialize in person and it will get worse with generations to come. I feel like in a few decades kids won't be able to experience what we have.

its a bad idea to not unplug. i would wrather spend my time with Real people. on occasion technology is great but usually when I go on i feel drained

I have the same phone case in the picture but in white!

Sometimes u need to unplug

See i like technology for being informed and connected with friends - skype is really good for that! In every day life i really wish some people i know could get off their phones, work stays at work and if you want to look up stuff, do it when i'm not around cause it feels like i'm there for no reason! Technology is a blessing and a curse

Also for those who have family living far away and don't get to see them that much Skype has actually helped them to stay in contact. I know personally because my father lives in Saudi Arabia and he always wants to look at my family when he talks. So technology isn't all that bad.

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