7 Valid Reasons Not to Have Cable TV ...


7 Valid Reasons Not to Have Cable TV ...
7 Valid Reasons Not to Have Cable TV ...

Living in such a technology savvy age, it's hard to imagine the reasons not to have cable TV. There so many fabulous shows, news broadcasts and cooking channels that are not only entertaining but also beneficial for various reasons. However, there are plenty of valid reasons not to have cable TV while still getting the entertainment and current event info that you desire. Here are 7 reasons not to pay for cable that are pretty sound!

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One Less Monthly Expense

One of the best reasons not to have cable TV is that it only adds another bill to your monthly expenses. I don't know about you, but for me I love to save money wherever I can! Even though we could afford it, my husband and I have decided from the beginning of our marriage not to pay for cable. Not that we're against TV, we're definitely not - we just choose to place our money in other areas and use the points listed below as valid reasons!


Sucks Away Too Much Precious Time

I grew up with TV always on and in most every room of the house. I can safely say that having TV takes up a ton of time that could be better spent elsewhere. We also have a rule to only have a TV in the family room and in no bedrooms! It makes for less distraction and more family time which is so needed.


Commercials Are a Drag

Don't you just hate it when you're watching your favorite show and it keeps getting interrupted by annoying commercials every 10 minutes? And unless you're watching the Super Bowl, the commercials are less than interesting. A good reason not to have cable TV is to avoid all those irritating, time-wasting commercials and ads!


No Filter for Children

This is an important factor for me because I have a two year old who picks up everything that's said and done in front of him. We have to be so careful with our words and actions because children are like sponges! With TV, there's no filter or control when it comes to crass humor and language. Of course, children's shows are different, but you still don't have any say about what's being broadcast to children and you have to remember that there's a huge market of product advertising to kids!


It Encourages Other Activities

Without TV, there's many other healthy options for entertainment that are better for children's development and physical health. Both indoor and outdoor games are fantastic. For adults, there's always an option of reading a book, doing house work, hitting the gym, taking a bath, etc. There are endless, creative options for entertainment that don't involve watching cable TV!


There's Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV

Really with all the other awesome options out there, cable TV just doesn't measure up. We have Netflix and get to pick the shows we watch without the hassle of commercials or specific time constraints with broadcasting times. With current shows, a lot of them are shown online for free the very next day. Hulu Plus is another great, inexpensive option for viewing your favorite shows. However, Hulu does have ads which can be irritating. News is also easy to access online as well as via media sources such as Apple TV and iTunes.


You Can Be Selective with What You Watch

Fortunately, not paying for TV allows you to be selective with the shows you wanna watch without having to pay for all those other channels you don't need. Most of us probably only tune into 2-3 channels on a regular basis as it is so who need hundreds of others?

As you can see, there's plenty of great reasons not to pay for cable TV while still getting your TV fix! Do any of these reasons listed above resonate with you ladies? Perhaps you have reasons of your own to have/not have cable TV? Share them in the comments section!

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I enjoy my cable TV! It's bundled with my Internet and phone. My friend thought she was really getting a great deal by dropping cable & getting DirectTV; ended up paying the same as me b/c she still needed Internet to run her computer & keep her landline. People kill me putting cable down b/c their SO cheap. It's about what you want to spend your money on; has nothing to do with your kids, commercials or time. Some people would drop several hundred dollars per month on beauty products or services instead of doing it themselves or shopping at Walgreens (wasteful? Maybe?) Others would prefer to drop a hundred or two on gaming instead of playing traditional games with their family. I could go on but bottom line cable should not always be the first service to be exorcised when it comes to value (both moral and financial). Too many people love it for it to go away. BTW, I don't work for cable I just enjoy the service!

Bundling is a rip off!!! Roku is worth the investment I myself watch commercial TV with the Rabbit Ears! I bought the Dish and subscribed and did all the usual things most people do. But when I was told I had to buy this package and that for my viewing pleasure, I pulled the plug. ABC, CBS and NBC work just fine as does PBS.

Netflix is my cable :D

Definitely haven't had cable in years and look I'm still alive lol

I love cable but to each it's on

I reckon apple tv is better than cable, you can choose what you want to watch and buy movies that you really like!

I wish my husband stop paying cable!

hey, thanks for sharing. i dont have cable (7 mos) and i did for several reasons you mention. great story

Why pay cable when fresh air is free and more exciting

No cable here either!

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