Exceptional Reasons to Be Picky when Choosing Your Friends ...


Exceptional Reasons to Be Picky when Choosing Your Friends ...
Exceptional Reasons to Be Picky when Choosing Your Friends ...

There are several good reasons to be choosy about your friends. I feel like we’re all guilty, VERY guilty when it comes to caring too much about how people or certain individuals perceive us and how we’re “seen.” In many ways we want people to like us and we care, even if we know that person does not benefit us positively in any type of way and it’s OKAY, we’re human and we crave friendships, we need relationships and associations with others. But we need to come to a point of realization and see that we really do need to be fastidious with whom we choose to surround yourself with!

Stick with people that want what you want:
Whether or not it may seem wrong, it’s okay to let go of people who aren’t on your “level.”

And I don’t mean on your level as in ANYTHING that has to do with vanity or popularity. I mean level as in having the same goals and wants that you have. These are the people that are going to lift you and keep you motivated. I will ALWAYS stand by the quote, “You are who you hang out with.” Energy sticks, believe it or not, ENERGY is everything. Negative people will bring your mood down just as positive people do the opposite.

And know the difference between someone really wanting to be a friend or someone who’s just nosy:

There are so many people with bad intentions and it’s really up to you to decide whether or not you if you FEEL that person has your best interests at heart. Watch their actions, are they really there for you or are they just there? Like I say, watch that energy, I always go with my gut feeling and something really deep down will tell you. And then it’s up to you on whether you’re going to keep that person in your life or not, based on what they show you!

The moral? Really just watch who you call a friend. And watch who you surround yourself with. BE AROUND good POSITIVE vibes that are going to get you somewhere. You want friendships and relationships with growth and success. You want friends who become business partners and investors with you, not just people who are there to gossip and put you into situations you simply shouldn’t be in. Neglect those who you know don’t celebrate your wins for you! Know your worth as a person and be picky about who gets to be around you and succeed with you! Those are the best reasons to be choosy about your friends.

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