7 Reasons Not to Worry about the Future ...


It’s necessary to plan out your life to a certain extent, but there are reasons not to worry about the future too much. You need to have a general idea of what you want from life, but don’t get obsessed with figuring out every little detail. From a young age, you’re expected to know what job you want and what steps you’ll take to get there. However, it’s an impossible task to complete. Despite what you’ve been told, there are reasons not to worry about the future so much that you’re stressed out by it.

1. You’ll Change

Your opinions and desires are going to change as you age. As a freshman in college, you want to become a professor. You’ll take tons of classes, study for hours, and finally receive your degree. By the time you start looking for a job in the field, you’ll change your mind about wanting to teach. One of the reasons not to worry about the future is because the future you want now might not be the future you’ll want tomorrow.

World Will Change
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