7 Reasons Living by Yourself Totally Rocks ...


If you've ever lived alone, then you'll know that living by yourself is one of the coolest things ever. Sure, having three shelves of the fridge and a whole sofa to yourself isn't for everyone, but if you're the kind of girl who likes her own space, there's nothing better than living by yourself. Since I'm about to move out of a house-share and into my own flat (again), I thought I'd share with you 7 reasons why living by yourself totally rocks - here we go!

1. Nobody to Make a Mess

One of my favourite parts of living alone is the fact that any mess made is made by me. When you're living by yourself, you don't have your flatmate's mess to tidy up - no dirty dishes, food on the counter or bathroom mess. You can be as tidy (or as messy) as you want to be; it's your own space! Of course this also means all the cleaning is up to you, but hey, you can totally clean when you feel like it!

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