7 Reasons It's Okay to Have Different Opinions ...


Everyone has different opinions – everyone. My opinion isn't the same as yours and your opinions are different than your best friend's, and that's awesome. In fact, that's essential, because no one wants to be the same as everyone else. The internet itself fosters many opinions, because people feel comfortable saying and doing things they would never say or do with colleagues at work or friends at the bar. One thing you learn if you write a blog, share on Facebook, and tweet your heart out is that alternative opinions aren't always welcomed online, and that's a shame, because it really is okay to have different opinions – so maybe you should think twice before arguing with someone else's point of view!

1. Debate is Great

Different opinions foster debate – not abuse, but debate. And debate is great! If you disagree with someone's opinion about the best movie soundtrack or why a particular foreign policy bothers you, that's awesome. Debate it out, explain your points, listen to the other person's. This sparks conversation and dialogue, not just an extreme statement one way or the other. This works online and in real life, by the way – yay versatility!

No Tolerance for Intolerance
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