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7 Reasons Every Girl Needs a Night out with the Guys ...

By Crystal

Talk to a tomboy some time and she'll give you a ton of reasons every girl needs a night out with the guys. It's not about dating, getting dolled up or worrying about who looks best. Hanging out with guys is a completely different experience and it will change how girls feel about themselves. If you're still on the fence, these reasons every girl needs a night out with the guys just might change your mind.

1 Learn How Guys Think

One of the best reasons every girl needs a night out with the guys is to learn how they think. No matter how much you discuss guys with your friends, you can't exactly learn their thought process until you've seen them in a group. One on one, they might not let loose. With their male friends, they say whatever's on their mind. Trust me, it's an eye opener and it will help you learn there's not always some deeper meaning behind their words.

2 Learn How to Befriend Guys

We've all heard the phrase that men and women can't be just friends. I say it's a lie. When you let down your guard and treat guys like a person instead of potential date material, you can be friends. Hanging out with the guys shows you how to simply relax and be friends. Strangely enough, it's not much different than being with your girl friends. The subject matter might be different, but you'll quickly find yourself drawn in.

3 Step out of Your Comfort Zone

I love hanging out with my guy friends more than my girl friends. Why? The guys help me step out of my comfort zone. Let's face it. We tend to be more competitive around other girls. With the guys, there's not really any competition between us. As a result, I feel more comfortable trying new things. Believe it or not, guys tend to be more encouraging.

4 Grow a Thicker Skin

If you've ever listened to a group of guys, you probably think they hate each other. It's always disgusting insults and put downs. A group of close guy friends do this because they like each other. It's not offensive to them at all. In fact, it helps them be stronger. After all, if they can take teasing and insults from their buddies, strangers aren't going to bother them. Have a few guys nights out and you'll quickly become the same way.

5 No Heels Required

I don't know why we do it, but we're bad to want to dress up for a girls night. This includes our most uncomfortable pair of high heels. Honestly, we dress up more for this than a first date. When it comes to guys, they couldn't care less. Since it's not about dating, wear something comfortable and just hang out. It's not about looks with them. It's about being yourself.

6 Try New Activities

Ask a guy what he does when he goes out with his friends. Odds are, it's vastly different than what you do with the girls. Don't just push aside his activities as something only guys do. Instead, ask to hang out with him and his friends. Try out some of their activities. You'll probably find a brand new hobby or even find people who enjoy a secret hobby your girl friends never knew about.

7 Let Your Inner Tomboy out

I've always believed every woman has a girly-girl and tomboy inside fighting for dominance. Sometimes one or the other wins. Sometimes you get a mix of the two. When you're with the guys, you're free to let your inner tomboy out. It's actually kind of liberating to let some foul language fly, burp as loud as you can and snort when you laugh. Believe me, you won't get judged. Instead, you'll probably get applause.

Every girl needs to hang out with the guys sometimes. Start with a guy friend or maybe ask to come along once in a while with your boyfriend. Somehow, a group of fun loving guys makes you feel more comfortable and confident than girls. What's your favorite part of hanging with the guys?

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