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7 Pros and Cons of Hot Yoga That You Should Know ...

By Jessica

There are many pros and cons of hot yoga that you should be mindful of before trying out this exercise practice! It's always good to be prepared for something very different and new. For those who may not know, hot yoga is similar to regular yoga except it's practiced in a studio with high temperatures, around 100 degrees F. The poses are simple and continuous, which makes movements easier. Below are some helpful pros and cons of hot yoga that you should know!

1 Pro: Detoxes Your Skin

You sweat a TON in hot yoga, from literally every pore of you body. All of the sweating is so good for getting rid of impurities in your skin and detoxing your body at a minimal level. Sweating is one way the body releases impurities, as well as primarily cooling you off. You feel better overall after this process, so as far as the pros and cons of hot yoga go, this is definitely a pro!

2 Con: Can Cause Dehydration

Because you're losing so much water during a hot yoga session, it's essential that you come well hydrated. While you should be drinking water during the session, only tiny amounts at a time are suggested because it could shock your system if too much water is consumed at once. So, prepare in advance!

3 Pro: Incredible Flexibility

The high temperatures and humidity of hot yoga cause your skin to become quite slippery (my wedding ring slid right off one time!) and your muscles to become incredibly loose. It's a great way to increase your flexibility and strength!

4 Con: Dizziness is Common

At times during the session, you may feel dizzy and even nauseous. That's completely normal, although a little frightening. When you feel dizzy or on the verge of vomiting, take a sip of water, lie down in corpse pose and take slow, deep breaths. It should subside. This is one of the cons of hot yoga for sure and occasionally the dizziness can last even after the session is over, so be cautious!

5 Pro: Hot Air is Great for Your Lungs

If you don't suffer from any chronic lung issues like asthma, then hot yoga is wonderful for your lungs and breathing capacity. The hot, humid air opens up your airways and makes breathing easier, which gets rid of stale air trapped in your lungs. You breathe very deep and let out as much air as possible. This is sort of a form of detoxification for your lungs!

6 Con: It's a Full 90 Minutes of Discomfort

I must say that's it's very difficult to sustain the entire 90 minutes of class. 60 minutes is very doable but 90 is a stretch and it's quite uncomfortable after that first 45 minutes to an hour. You start to feel weak and tired and dizzy, and you just want it to be over! It's also recommended that you don't leave the classroom (unless there's an emergency) so that you experience the full benefits from the session.

7 Pro: You Feel Rejuvenated after

Like any workout, you feel great and full of energy afterwards. How many of us actually regret a workout, even if you were super reluctant to go in the first place? I don't ever regret it! With hot yoga you feel so fresh and renewed because of all the sweating and stretching, which keeps things flowing properly in your body. It's a definite upside of hot yoga!

A few more tips to add before your hot yoga session: bring your own mat, a towel, water and wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable coming in. It should also be a moisture wicking and stretchy material. And do not try hot yoga if you are pregnant because it raises your internal body temperature. Have any if you ladies tried hot yoga? If so, what are some of your likes and dislikes of this fitness practice?

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