7 Predictions We Can Expect from the Year of the Horse ...

Every year holds something new and exciting but what can we expect this year from the Year of The Horse? Here are 7 predictions for the upcoming year that will have you anxiously anticipating the Year of The Horse! Who knows what will be in store for you.

1. Success

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The Year of The Horse will bring a lot of success! Horses are one of the most favorite animals to the Chinese because they provide a quick and convenient form of transportation. This was especially true before the invention of automobiles, therefore the year of the horse has always been an anticipated year for traveling and success in people’s lives.

2. A Busy Schedule

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Horses have a competitive nature, which means that just like a horse, you too will be on a pursuit to compete your way to the top either in school or at your job this year. Be prepared for a very busy schedule that will present a lot of great and new opportunities. It’s great to be busy, but make sure to learn how to prioritize and use your time wisely this year. The skills you learn in the upcoming months will assist you long-term!

3. A Stylish Year

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Rather than using horses to take care of the farms back in the day, the Chinese would let the ox take care of everything. This is because the Chinese had an expectation from horses since they were so useful in assisting in battle. People who had horses were considered noble, so just as a noble horse in ancient China, you too will rock out this year in class and style!

4. Becoming Strong and Independent

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Just like horses, you too will embrace your inner strength and independence this year and watch as your life changes before your eyes. Maybe there is a friend or boyfriend in your life that brought you down in 2013 or discouraged you rather than encouraged you. Well, this year is a time for change and a time to be strong and stick up for yourself. You are beautiful and special and deserve to be treated that way! Embrace and welcome the courage to surround yourself with people and situations that will only raise you up this year.

5. Gaining Knowledge

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Horses are very intelligent animals, open to teaching and training. This year, focus on the areas in your life that need special attention. Maybe there is a subject in school that you need to do better in – take this year’s opportunity to reach out to people and learn. Maybe you’re just starting a new job and don’t know how other people are succeeding and you maybe didn’t perform as well last year – take the opportunity of the Year of the horse to get a mentor or coach, or speak to others in your company and learn from them!

6. Good Luck in Relationships

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There is a special bond between horse and man. The Chinese deem horses to be great partners in every area of their life. Similarly, you will find a partner this year that will compliment you in every way. This Year of the Horse will bring you good luck in a future relationship…you may even meet THE one! Be open to starting a new relationship, but always remember to guard your heart and don’t be too vulnerable. Maybe you’ve had your eye on someone who’s not really your type; this upcoming year give him a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised!

7. Lots of Mingling with Friends

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Horses like social activities due to the fact that they just love to show off. This year, show off your outgoing personality by hosting and attending parties, taking on new activities, joining new clubs, and enjoying the company of friends! This year will bring new friendships and new opportunities to meet new people, so it’s time to come out of your shell or dismiss your fear of branching out…it’s your year to shine!

So ladies, thanks to the Year of the Horse, there are certainly a lot of positive things coming your way! Remember to keep an open mind, accepting love and happiness and peace this year. What are your expectations or predictions for this year?

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