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Virgo Season Monthly Horoscope ...

By Vanessa

It's Virgo season! According to, Virgos, more than any other sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. Does that ring true for you? Check out your horoscope for September:

After a period of introspection, you’re making your grand debut, in a completely revamped fashion. For once, you don’t mind taking center stage, expressing your desires and unique quirks. Enjoy this month of “me” time, a period when you can really make a fresh start. This system reboot enables you to put yourself—and your own goals—first. If you’re the type of Virgo who lives to be of service to others, this period of self-focus is extra important. After all, knowing who you are (an awesome creature) and what you want (the whole damn world) will only help you as you help others. Since the first house rules appearance, you might even be in the mood for a makeover. If your aesthetic veers toward the simple, mix it up, adding some bold prints or colors into the mix. (And yes, rose-essence red lipstick with your pristine white suit counts.) Ditch the comfy pants in favor of a tailored skirt or dress that makes a polished first impression and puts a spring in your step. Every aspect of your life now is infused with a bit of “selfishness”—the good kind!


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