7 Possible Scientific Explanations for Mythical Beings ...


Although some still don't believe it, there are quite a few sound and plausible scientific explanations for mythical beings out there. Throughout the ages, humanity has believed in all sorts of mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena, in an attempt to explain things they didn't understand. Even though science may still be far from understanding everything, potential scientific explanations for mythical beings do exist. Let's check them out.

1. The Secret of the Werewolves

One of the clearest scientific explanations for mythical beings you will find is the one according to which werewolves are simply regular individuals suffering from a disorder called cutaneous porphyria, in which a fine layer of hair appears on the person’s face, along with larger canine “fangs.” Other diseases, such as congenital hypertrichosis universalis, could also be an explanation, with excessive hair growth appearing on the patient’s entire body.

The Loch Ness Monster
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