9 Perfect Gym Bags ...

A gym bag is certainly an important part of your gym attire. Confused about what gym bag is right for you? Check out Paige's list of lovely gym bags and maybe you'll find the one you're looking for. Thanks Paige!

Whether you only tote along your cell phone and keys or being half of your closet with you to the gym, everyone needs a fashion carry-all accessory. Gone are the days of drab and simple gym bags. Now you can be accompanied by a super fashionable bag at your next workout. Yay!

1. Yoga on the Run Duffle by Lululemon

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This bag is by far my favorite gym bag. It's made out of a water resistant polyurethane/nylon material to protect from puddles of sweat and spilt water bottles. Its amazing features include padded straps, easy-access cell phone pocket, double zipper opening, interior mesh pockets, wet pouch for dirty laundry, padded tablet pouch and best of all, a mat garage to store any sized yoga or Pilates mat. This bag comes in pitch black and a gray/lime green combo as well as a canvas version and costs $118.

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