Optimistic People 😁 All Have One Thing ☝🏼️ in Common: They're Always 💯 Late ⏰ ...

Lateness has always been one of my pet peeves. It has always annoyed me intensely and I actually think it is rude. Imagine then when I came across an article in EliteDaily.com that told me that continual lateness is actually a common trait among optimistic people. Because I consider myself an optimist but also do everything I can to avoid being late, I decided I just had to dig deeper and find out why I buck the trend. Just what is the correlation between optimism and tardiness?

1. Lateness is Hard-wired into Your Brain

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Are you late for everything and have been all your life? Various studies have confirmed that you might just have been born with a lateness gene (well kind of). According to a study [1] led by psychologist Diana DeLonzor, lateness is a consequence of your psychology and personality.

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