7 of the Strangest Ocean Mysteries – Wait Till You See #4 ...


From disappearing ships to monsters and strange sounds, the Earth's oceans seem to be the source of many remarkable mysteries. Some of these are often considered scary and even downright impossible by experts and casual observers alike. What secrets lurk in those depths, and will we ever be able to uncover them?

1. Sonar Flying Saucer

In 2011, a Swedish exploration team discovered, via sonar, a strange, perfectly round, disc-shaped object at the bottom of the sea, somewhere between Finland and Sweden. When the media got a hold of this information, they claimed it was a crashed flying saucer, but skeptics indicated there was not enough conclusive data available. Until improved equipment and better funding will be available, the Swedish "saucer" will continue to remain just a strange ocean mystery.

Alaska's β€œNessie”
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