9 of the Most Delicious Scented Candles to Make Your Space Smell Sweet ...

I'm a sucker for delicious scented candles; they make your home so inviting! But now that Christmas is over, it's time to shelve those mulled wine and spice scented candles and choose some fresher, prettier scents, because spring will soon be on its way! Here are some of the most delicious scented candles that I'm dying to get my hands on this month.

1. Lily Flame - Sweet Pea

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Growing up, Sweet Peas were one of my favorite flowers, and still are to this day, so when I found Lily Flame's range of delicious scented candles included one which smelled of Sweet Peas, I had to have it! This is soft, floral and feminine without being cloying, and great for freshening up a room.

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