Never Store These 7 Products in Your Pocketbook ...

By Alicia

Never Store These 7 Products in Your Pocketbook ...

Women tend to stash a little bit of everything in their purse. In fact, there’s actually a game called “The Purse Game” where you see the odd things that women have hid in the depths of their bag. But there’re some things that you don’t want to keep in your bag. Let’s talk about them.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Medication without a Label
  2. 2. Your Social Security Card
  3. 3. Large Amounts of Cash
  4. 4. An Excessive Number of Credit Cards
  5. 5. Glass Bottles
  6. 6. A Cell Phone That Isn’t Passcode Protected
  7. 7. Expensive Jewelry

1 Medication without a Label

Medication without a Label Most of us take medication from time to time. Sometimes you need to carry it with you. The important thing to remember is to always carry it in the bottle it came in. This’s especially true if it’s a prescription medication. While unlikely, you never want to be in a situation of trying to explain why you have pills that’re not in the proper container.

2 Your Social Security Card

Your Social Security Card Sometimes you need your Social Security Card as proof of identity but those times are few. Most of the time, your driver’s license will do. And you should know your Social Security Number by heart for when you have to fill out paperwork and other business matters. If you don’t, make it a goal to memorize it soon. If your purse would ever be stolen, your identity could be stolen as well if they can access your social security card.

3 Large Amounts of Cash

Large Amounts of Cash This’s easy to understand. If your purse or wallet would ever be stolen, you’d be devastated enough without losing a large amount of cash. The definition of how much cash is a lot will vary for each of us. The main thing you want to remember is to not carry an amount of cash you feel uncomfortable about. I personally would prefer to use my debit card rather than worry over carrying cash.

4 An Excessive Number of Credit Cards

An Excessive Number of Credit Cards Credit cards are something most people have. It’s perfectly fine to carry them with you. But if you have some you rarely use then it’s best to stash them in a safe location at home. If your purse would ever be stolen, this’ll be less cleanup work you’ll have to do. Consider only carrying one or two at a time.

5 Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles This’s one that’s more of an issue for some women than others. It really depends on how carefully you treat your purse. If you tend to be very careful in how you carry it and set it down then this may not be an issue. However, if you’re a tad careless in how you handle your purse then you should probably make sure you don’t carry products that’re in glass in your purse. Perfume and nail polish are a couple examples of items you may want to leave home.

6 A Cell Phone That Isn’t Passcode Protected

A Cell Phone That Isn’t Passcode Protected Cell phones are part of our modern culture. Most of us keep them within arm’s reach at home and stored in our purse when we’re on the go. This’s perfectly fine but it’s important to take the precaution of protecting your phone with a passcode. If a thief picks up a cell and sees that it’s passcode protected, that could deter them from stealing it at all. It’s a small step that offers you big protection.

7 Expensive Jewelry

Expensive Jewelry We all love our bling, whether it’s the real deal or fun costume jewelry. However, if you tend toward wearing expensive jewelry then be very cautious about storing it in your purse. Leave it at home if you’re not wearing it. If you’re traveling then look into leaving it in the hotel safe rather than carrying it with you. Most of us are sentimental when it comes to expensive jewelry since many times it was received as a gift.

These’re 7 items that shouldn’t be stored in your bag. What items would you add to this list? I love hearing from you!

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