7 Myths about the Vikings Debunked ...


Vikings have been incredibly popular in modern culture for many years, and whether we’re looking at cartoon characters or legendary warriors from movies or stories, there are numerous myths about the Vikings that people simply take for granted. Let’s check out some of the most prominent of these myths about the Vikings and look further into them to see whether or not they were really true.

1. The Infamous Horned Helmets

One of the most well-known myths about the Vikings still circulating today is that they used to wear horned helmets. However, not many people know the fact that these helmets were only depicted in the 19th century, hundreds of years after the age of the Vikings. The only historic references to the helmets come from some unverified representations of Viking rituals – the only time when they allegedly wore those types of helmets.

Were the Vikings Filthy Conquerors?
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