7 Mysterious Creatures That Only Exist in Urban Legends ...


 7 Mysterious Creatures That Only Exist in Urban Legends ...
 7 Mysterious Creatures That Only Exist in Urban Legends ...

Mysterious creatures are all around us. Well, in fairy tales and urban legends anyway. For centuries, people have questioned whether certain mythical creatures really do exist. Some even claimed to have witnessed a few of these unusual beings. Let's take a look at seven popular mysterious creatures that have only been told to us through stories, fairytales and urban legends.

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habitat,tree,ecosystem,screenshot,forest, Fairies are small mysterious creatures passed down through European folklore. These magical beings were said to have a human-like appearance, but in spirit form. Modern culture portrays fairies as having insect wings, but the original fable described them as using birds or magical stems as means of flying. According to the Christian faith because fairies tend to be quite mischievous (abducting babies and the elderly), they are commonly associated with tall fallen angels demoted from heaven. However, some believe that they are neither human nor angelic, but actually demonic species or spirits of the dead.


The Loch Ness Monster

bird,black and white,vertebrate,monochrome photography,monochrome, This sea creature supposedly inhabits the waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Although substantial evidence has never been obtained, there is one controversial photo from 1934 that depicts a dinosaur-like creature swimming in the murky body of water. Since the early '30s, there have been at least six alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, affectionately named "Nessie". Some people believe that the animal is a descendant of the marine reptile plesiosaurus while others say that the idea of the monster derives from wishful thinking and planned hoaxes.



painting,jungle,illustration,fictional character, According to Irish mythology, the leprechaun is a type of fairy that is about the height of a young child and resembles an old man dressed in green or red clothing. Like the average fairy, leprechauns are also mischievous and devious, but they are also solitary creatures that enjoy making shoes. The most well-known story about leprechauns is that they discover gold, save their collection in a pot, and hide it at the end of a rainbow. Folklore traditions say that when captured, they usually gain their freedom by granting their captor(s) three wishes.



winter,bridge, Number four on my list is the Mothman and he may just be the creepiest one yet. This mysterious creature was reportedly seen in Point Pleasant, WV numerous times between November 12, 1966 and December 15, 1967. Eyewitnesses say that the flying man stands about 7 feet tall and has wings. Unfortunately, West Virginia residents have associated the Mothman with chaotic events since it was spotted on several occasions up until the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December that killed over 40 people. Folklorists believe that it may be connected with UFO sightings or the state's military storage site.


The Unicorn

horse,stallion,mammal,pasture,mare, The unicorn is probably the most captivating mystical creature. It has a long spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, a goat beard, and cloven hooves. Indian folklore describes the unicorn as a wild horse-like animal that represents grace. Some historians have likened the unicorn to a one-horned Oryx or the two-horned Eland. Furthermore, a Biblical passage by Daniel 8:5 makes reference to the creature stating that the “goat had a notable horn between his eyes.' The only way to capture one of these virtuous animals, however, was with the help of a virgin.



swimming,marine biology,underwater,water sport,sports, The legend of mermaids has been adored by many cultures across the world including in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The first recording of these half-human-half-fish was in Assyria. The mermaid has been associated with catastrophic water events such as storms, floods, and shipwrecks. Fairy tales say that mermaids tend to fall in love with humans and grant blessings to people. Scientists believe that these sea creatures may be the closest relative to the manatee.



mammal,forest,woodland,wildlife,animal sports, Lastly, we have Bigfoot or the Sasquatch, which has been rumored to be located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Like many other unexplained phenomenon, researchers believe that sightings of Bigfoot are just hoaxes or a figment of the imagination. Some scientists claim that witnesses have mistaken a large black bear as the hairy ape-like animal. Hunters usually track down the creature by its 24-inch long footprints. Although photo evidence exists, Bigfoot enthusiasts have yet to prove if the animal itself really does exist.

Urban legends comprising of mermaids, Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster will continue to be passed down, questioned, and researched by all generations to come. With that said, what are some other mysterious creatures that only exist in urban legends? Do you wish that some of these creatures were real?

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I believe Mermaids really exist!

Sasquatch and Nessie are cryptids (possible wrong spelling), which means they might exist. Some cryptids were proven to exist, like the okapi

mermaids actually are real they've done a documentation on the had there bones had videos of them that were unedited and weapons that they used

What about slender man? And of course jimmy hoffas ghost. 😱

I saw the documentary aswell but I looked it up online and it said it was fiction 😭

Mermaids , Unicorns , Fairies I still love them even as an adult ☺️

I wish I was a mermaid I'm a pro swimmer but not a mermaid!!😕

I believe in mermaids too! I wish there were unicorns!

All the stories are true! I believe in tons of these mystical creatures including dragons and giants!!!!!

also they don't look like the way fairy tells had us to believe

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