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7 Must Watch Children Movies ...

By Pinky

I am a big fan of movies with meanings and I have several must watch children's movies that have great meaning! I love that there are a ton of movies out there that have great meaning behind them! And, even the movies that send out hidden messages are fantastic too! I am a big fan of kids movies, but, I'm a bigger fan of these 7 must watch children's movies! Check it out!


This must watch children's movie makes number one on my list! Pinocchio's message of being "unselfish, truthful, and brave" definitely are three great characteristics to teach our children! And, I'm glad that Pinocchio can send that message out! Such a great Disney classic too! Plus, its fun watching this movie over with my kids, reminds me of my childhood too!

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Russell and Carl provide a great hidden meaning in this movie and it took me a while to figure it out. It's being able to find happiness in the little things. Sometimes it's stepping out of our comfort zone in able to do so! This movie is sad, happy, exciting, and thrilling! But, most of all has the most beautiful colors I have ever seen in a movie! And I love the talking dog... and the bird!


I absolutely am in LOVE with this movie! This movie is about an orphan, who has to learn about letting go of the past and to keep moving forward. It's about learning from your challenges and obstacles, being able to let go and move forward from them. It's not always easy in the movie, but, even at the end the characters themselves learn the hard way!


Tiana definitely teaches that you have to work hard for the things that you want, and that you can find happiness in the simple things! She even gets to see both sides of the world from having nothing to having everything! This movie definitely gives perspective, and it's always nice to see that opposites attract! Aww!


I just recently purchased this movie! And, this is right up my alley! This movie is about not judging others, letting our kids grow, learn, and to let them find their own happily ever after, and love! It's such a cute movie, but, it took me awhile to understand it. This is one of my faves!


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, its not." This quote is my absolute favorite! This movie is about making a difference, changing things for the better! It has catchy songs, a great cast, and who doesn't love Zac Efron and Taylor Swift?!


Now, my Mom told me I'm exactly like Nemo. Stubborn! This movie is great because it teaches your children right from wrong, being able to follow directions and rules. It's also about learning to take adventures, take risks, and learning to trust! My kids are obsessed with this movie! Just keep swimming...

These are my favorite movies to watch with my kids. Their meanings can be interpereted in many ways! What are your favorite children's movie to watch? Do you have any meanings you want to add or change? Let me know!

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