7 Must-have Board Games to Make Game Night a Hit ...


If you need ideas on how to spend your free time, these must-have board games will keep you entertained. Theyโ€™re a great way to spend time with a large or small group of friends. Some are aimed to make you laugh while others are meant to make you bond with the other players. Donโ€™t let your boredom conquer; try out some of these must-have board games!

1. Loaded Questions

When discussing must-have board games, Loaded Questions is the first thing I think of. One person asks a question like, "What celebrity has no right being a celebrity?" and the rest write down their answers. When everything is jotted down, someone reads out the answers and the questioner has to guess who said what. Whenever my friends come over, we end up playing a few rounds. It helps us get to know one another better while keeping us laughing.

Cards against Humanity
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