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As we're already into 2014, it is time to take a look at some of most memorable things about 2013 that the media was able to capture. It seems like the year of 2013 has just flown by, but it did leave some of the most exciting memories behind. The year had everything from serious political events to viral videos, so let’s take a look at some of memorable things about 2013.

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Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake If we rewind back to the beginning of 2013, we can be reminded of the viral videos of Harlem Shake that were all over the web. People began to give their own take on the dance and put together sketches to share it on the Internet. This dance became so big that everyone of the world took part in the craze. It was so bad that my high school ended up on the local news for attempting to film a Harlem Shake with thousands of kids in one hallway. Harlem Shake is definitely one of the most memorable things about 2013.


The Royal Baby

The Royal Baby I think everyone around the world kept a close eye on the news about the birth of the royal baby. Some were concerned so much that it was as if they were having the baby themselves, but what can we do? It is an exciting event after all! Not as exciting as their royal wedding, but still a memorable moment of 2013.


What Does the Fox Say?

If you often spend you time on the Internet, you probably known the viral music video, “What does the fox say?” While it is completely absurd and bizarre, it does make a good point. What does a fox say? Other than that, this viral video was a great conversation starter that my friends and I enjoyed discussing.


Memorable Goodbyes

Unfortunately, 2013 will be known for the several deaths of many loved celebrities. For example we recently experienced the death of Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela, Cory Monteith and there many more throughout the year. It is saddening that so many lives were lost, but then if you think about it, every year many people die but their deaths just go unnoticed by the media. Nonetheless may the souls of these men rest in piece.


US Government Shut down

US Government Shut down While this may not be such a big deal for people who live outside of the US, the shutting down of the US government was an interesting experience. Although it didn’t affect my daily life, it was still something that was going on in the country. It did arise a lot of concern but fortunately everything came together!


Miley Cyrus Evolution

I think 2013 was a great year for Miley Cyrus. This was the year when we really saw her wild side and she really let go of her Hannah Montana persona. Love her of hate her, she was a big thing during 2013.. Everything from her style to her music was the talk of the town and nobody could escape it!


‘Selfie’ and ‘Twerk’ Became Legitimate Words

The year of 2013 was a big year for selfies. Although the act of taking selfies was accepted long ago, this word alongside ‘twerk’ was officially added to the dictionary in 2013. Personally I still don’t get ‘twerking’, whatever happened to the traditional dance movies? However on the other hand, everyone is free to express him or herself the way they want to!

When we take a look back at the year of 2013, it seems like it has been a pretty big year. Many important things have made their mark even if we have forgotten about them. What is the most memorable thing about 2013 in your opinion? Share in the comments!

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Some of these things I can never unsee, no matter how hard I try....

The phrase twerking has been around for decades !!!

Deaths and births happen every year, NO BIGGIE THERE.

Wow this was 2013 a banner year.

"Twerk" wasn't officially added to the actual dictionary, only "selfie" was. "Twerk" was runner-up and only added to the online dictionary

If these are the memorable things about 2013, then, what a forgettable year!!

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