7 Most Commonly Accepted Facts about Acid Rain ...


When it comes to the issue of climate change and global warming, there are so many “facts” thrown at us, often conflicting, it’s difficult to really understand what is going on, but something that is agreed on are the facts about acid rain. It doesn’t seem to be talked about so much these days. It has been accepted it is a factor in the climate change we are seeing but focus has moved more on to carbon footprints. We are however, still polluting our atmosphere, so we should still be aware of some of the facts about acid rain. Here goes!

1. What is Acid Rain

It’s pointless writing facts about acid rain unless we understand what it is. Interestingly, one of the things to know about acid rain is that it is not a modern phenomenon. It first became known in the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, but it only gained global attention and its actual name “acid rain” in the 1970s. This is a scientific term that for once is not ambiguous, confusing or even so complicated that we normal folks can’t understand it. Quite simply, acid rain is precipitation that is acidic. Its acidity is created by pollutant gases, such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury oxide mixing with the water particles in the atmosphere.

What Causes Acid Rain?
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