7 Lifesaving Self-Defense Tips for when You're Placed in Danger ...

By Holly

7 Lifesaving Self-Defense Tips for when You're Placed in Danger ...

The world can be a dangerous place, which is why it’s important to know as many self-defense tips as you can. If you’re ever placed in a threatening situation, you can’t rely on your friends or even the police to get you out of it. It’s best to know a thing or two about protecting yourself. Keep these self-defense tips in the back of your mind in case an emergency ever occurs.

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Throw and Go

As ridiculous as it sounds, it can help to let a mugger get their way. If they demand your money, but don’t have their hands on you, you should throw your pocketbook as far as you can. While they go to snatch it, run in the other direction. It should give you enough time to get away and find someone to help you. One of the biggest self-defense tips is to avoid being touched in any way by a potential threat.


Utilize Your Body

If someone tries to attack you, move around as much as you can. Use any possible means of hurting them in order to escape. If you stand still, it makes you an easy target. You want to fight back as much as you can. Try to aim for their sensitive areas, like their knees, nose, eyes, and groin.


Wriggle Your Wrist

If someone grabs you by your wrist, there’s a technique you can use. Twist your wrist so that it’s parallel to where their thumb and fingers meet each other. Then pull away. Since it’s the weakest part of their grasp, it’s the easiest way to move out of their hold. If it doesn’t work, then just keep moving.
Source: lifehacker.com


Lock up

As soon as you enter your car, lock the doors. If someone steps through your passenger side door and puts a gun to your head, don’t drive to the location they tell you to. Instead, you have to do something drastic to wreck your car. You should crash into something nearby and let your airbag save you. If you go to the place that the attacker asks, your chances of escaping are slim.
Source: attackproof.com


Head First

Your head is a strong weapon. When you’re being attacked, ram your head into the attacker’s nose. It creates a more powerful blow than your fist is able to. You can also use this technique when the attacker comes up behind you. Use the back of your head to hit them instead of your elbows. It will create a larger impact and increase your chance of escaping.
Source: lifehackery.com

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Run Away

If someone has a gun aimed at you, but has no physical hold on you, you should run. If you’re lucky, he won’t risk shooting, because it will attract attention. If he does shoot, you should run in a zigzag pattern in order to avoid the bullets. It’s better to run than to stand there and let the attacker have his way with you. You need to try your hardest to get far far away.
Source: attackproof.com


Use What You Have

Use any object around you as a makeshift weapon. If you’re carrying keys, jab the attacker with them. Whatever you have on you can be used as a weapon in some way. If it can potentially save you, you have to use it. Don’t give up and keep fighting.

In order to protect yourself, you have to be prepared for an attack wherever you go. You never know when someone will strike. Do you have any useful self-defense tips?

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Good tips for just in case

Thanks!! Everyone should be able to defend themselves

Awesome tips!

Or if he begins shooting while your running you run shoots in a zig zag pattern

If I\'m home alone and I hear a noise, I\'ll grab the insecticide spray and spray it in their face! Haha

Yes I use my hairspray!!

I agree with them all except running away when someone has a gun on you

Awesome , thxxx

Great tips I always panic

*run in a zig zag pattern