7 Not to Be Skipped Steps for Maintaining Your Car ...


7 Not to Be Skipped Steps for Maintaining Your Car ...
7 Not to Be Skipped Steps for Maintaining Your Car ...

It pays to take steps for maintaining your car because you don’t want to wind up stranded somewhere with a broken down vehicle. And if you’re like me, you certainly can’t afford to just buy a new one when the old one quits working. Add these steps for maintaining your car to your to do list and baby your car so it will serve you well for years to come.

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Get Regular Oil Changes

Yes, it’s a hassle and yes, it costs money, but you can’t get away without doing it. Of course, you can save some dough by learning to do it yourself. You want to get an oil change at least once a year, but more often might be necessary if you drive more than the average person, say upwards of 7,500 miles per year or more. Never skip this step for maintaining your car or you could wind up with costly car repair bills.


Ask about Pump Filters

Find yourself a reputable gas station that changes the pump filters often. This is important because improperly filtering can result in dirty gas, which isn’t good for your car. Ask your favorite gas station about how they filter gas. If you don’t like the answer or they choose not to give you an answer, find a new gas station.


Avoid Heavy Key Chains

I know how hard it can be to pick and choose which key chains have a place on your ring. You might not realize that a heavy key chain can cause problems. Maintain your car easily by lightening the load. Too much bling can cause your ignition switch to fail, so save the fun key chains for a ring that doesn’t hang from your car’s ignition.


Check Your Tire Pressure

This is really easy and should be done once a week. Improperly filled tires can mess with your fuel economy and the way your car handles. Look for a tire pressure gauge at a car parts store. Simply insert the tip into your tire valve and you’ll be able to tell if you need air or you over inflated your tires.


Check Your Oil

This is different from getting an oil change. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it off. Reinsert it into the car and pull it back out. Look at the level of the oil and you’ll be able to tell if you need to add a quart. To do that, unscrew the oil cap and pour the oil through a funnel. Check your oil once a month.

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Wash the Car

Washing your car inside and out now and then keeps the seats and interior from being torn or worn out. Cleaning the outside keeps your car’s paint looking shiny and new. To get it done professionally, clean your car at Spark Car Wash, or grab some soap, rags and a vacuum and get it done yourself.


Check Your Antifreeze

Running out of antifreeze means your car could overheat, which can leave you stranded somewhere, missing all the fun. Unscrew the coolant cap and peek inside to see where the level of the antifreeze falls. If it’s low, simply pour some in using a funnel and you’re done. Check your windshield washer fluid while you’re at it!

Do you take good care of your car? It can take a back burner to all the other obligations of life, but you’ll be glad you took the time. I’m off to check my oil!

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