7 Lifesaving Self-Defense Tips for when You're Placed in Danger ...


The world can be a dangerous place, which is why it’s important to know as many self-defense tips as you can. If you’re ever placed in a threatening situation, you can’t rely on your friends or even the police to get you out of it. It’s best to know a thing or two about protecting yourself. Keep these self-defense tips in the back of your mind in case an emergency ever occurs.

1. Throw and Go

As ridiculous as it sounds, it can help to let a mugger get their way. If they demand your money, but don’t have their hands on you, you should throw your pocketbook as far as you can. While they go to snatch it, run in the other direction. It should give you enough time to get away and find someone to help you. One of the biggest self-defense tips is to avoid being touched in any way by a potential threat.

Utilize Your Body
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