7 Kinds of to-do List Makers: Which Kind Are You? ...


Do you know there are different kinds of to-do list makers? Making lists is a great way to be organized and keep track of everything from the groceries you need to shop for to your life goals. There is no science to this, but if you are a believer in to-do lists you do tend to swear by them and find them really useful. Are you interested in the kinds of to-do list makers there are? And would you also like to know if you are making the most of your way to make to-do lists? Let’s see what Liz Franklin, the author of ”How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson: A Step-By-Step Guide to Clearing Your Desk Without Panic or the Use of Open Flame” has to say, shall we?

1. Pen and Paper

This is the oldest form of list making. The older you are, the more likely you are to be one of these kinds of to-do list makers. You grew up with writing your to-do list with pen on paper, and no matter what technology comes along, it is a method you are comfortable with and happy to stick to. Liz Franklin describes the pen and paper faithful list maker as tactile with a need to feel a list in their hands, and because they receive as much satisfaction from making the list as they do crossing items off, their to-do list tends to be long - very long. The downside of this is that a handwritten paper list can be disorganized and without priorities – merely a list. To make the most of this method of list making you need to break your list up into “chunks,” whether that be by time of day sections, or sections for work, home, car etc. Find a categorization method that works best for you and you’ll find you’re all the more organized for it.

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