12 Jihad Every Woman Should Have ...


We here in the States associate the word "jihad" with images and ideas that are the complete opposite of the actual origin of the word. We associate the word with abhorrent terrorist acts, but in reality, "jihad" has nothing to do with any of that; it is, simply, the very personal struggle a faithful person has with their own internal weaknesses. Indeed, in many ways, Christians are already familiar with the concept of jihad, struggling against the very human weaknesses of greed, gossip, and pettiness. It is this internal struggle that our brilliant guest contributor, Faiza, is explaining, and her ideas cast so broad a net as to be relevant to anyone who strives to be a better person.

When defined correctly, Jihad is a personal and spiritual battle/struggle within oneself. Something a person is working on to better themselves, their way of life, educate others, hopefully maybe even make the world a better place. Growing up, I had many Jihads: «My Jihad is to be fearless when making fashion statements,» «My Jihad is to strut in six-inch heels without falling flat on my you-know-what.» Looking back, they may not have been as admirable as the Jihads I have today, although the former still applies. I know many others whose Jihads range from «My Jihad is to overcome my father’s death without losing my faith» to «My Jihad is to not allow any of my past relationships to affect my future one.» Below is a list of Jihads I believe every woman should have or apply in her everyday life.

1. Get Fit

A Jihad towards staying fit, is one every woman should have not only because it’s good for your physical appearance which in turn makes you more confident, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle that will ensure that you have more energy, strength, and stamina. Your bones will be stronger, you’ll sleep better, and overall enjoy life much more.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin
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