13 Interesting Characteristics of a Scorpio ...


Characteristics of a Scorpio may surprise you quite a bit and I mean that in the most positive way! Now, isn’t that a surprise on its own! The thing is… Scorpios are often considered “cold”, “rude” and “walled in” and although that description may fit some, it’s hardly a rule for us to adopt! In fact, there are plenty of amazing Scorpio characteristics to help prove how great this Zodiac sign actually is. After all, they don’t call it the most powerful sign of Zodiac for nothing!

1. Not Afraid to Tell the Truth

My ex BFF is a Scorpio and I’ve always but always admired her ability to look a person it the eye and tell him or her exactly how she feels about them! This first of many cool characteristics of a Scorpio can sometimes make them seem cruel but they really aren’t! What they want is a simple, non-fussy relationship with people, a relationship free of fake smiles and fake hugs and fake words. This amazing, totally admirable quality makes Scorpio a truly magnificent friend, especially if you enjoy honesty and are tired of people who say, “You look lovely” but think, “Your ass looks fat in those jeans!”.

Always Want to Make Your Ass Look Great!
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