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11 Inspirational Quotes for Shy People to Help Overcome Anxieties ...

By Megan

If you’re a quiet, self-aware, and timid individual who is looking to get out of your shell, then some inspirational quotes for shy people might help. Being timid can be tough, especially in certain social situations. Do you feel nervous when meeting new people? Do you have anxiety about going to parties, or doing a school presentation? It’s okay to be shy – after all, it’s who you are – but change can be good, and being constantly nervous or anxious can affect your health. So here are eleven inspirational quotes for shy people to help overcome anxieties.

1 Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch There is no truer saying within this list of inspirational quotes for shy people. Neale Donald Walsch is an American novelist. I try my best to live by Walsch’s quote. Life can pass you by if you don’t take risks. I know that the idea of going outside your comfort zone can be scary, but you won’t be able to grow as a person if you never take chances. So take a leap of faith once in a while. I guarantee that you’ll learn something pleasantly surprising about yourself.

2 Walt Disney

Walt Disney This quote says it all. Respect yourself by allowing great possibilities. Never sell yourself short, because everyone has potential. Don’t be afraid to be passionate and ambitious. Dream big and follow your heart. No one should stand in the way of achieving your dreams – not even you. So stand tall, believe in yourself, and have the courage to pursue what you’ve always wanted.

3 Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey, American actress/producer/talk show host, is right. Do you find that you sometimes think negatively about yourself? Are you constantly worried about what others think of you? Dwelling on the dark, bad things in your life will only bring out the negative in your persona. You’ll give off a negative vibe – and that’s not good for anyone. My suggestion is to start believing positively in yourself. Make a list of all the qualities that you like about yourself and think about that the next time you are meeting someone new, or giving a school presentation, or whenever you’re feeling anxious about something. Focus on all the good things that are happening in your life. If you do, you’ll become a more positive person, and people flock to that.

4 Mark Twain

Mark Twain This is a very inspirational quote by American author Mark Twain. When you are shy and/or you are too afraid to try new things, you’ll miss out on a lot of great opportunities. Having regrets is the worst. So just remember to take risks every once in a while. Step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about what others are thinking or doing and just focus on you. If you take chances in the present you’ll have less regret later on in life.

5 Dudley Field Malone

Dudley Field Malone American actor and politician Dudley Field Malone is completely right with this statement. If you are the type of person who is afraid to voice your opinions out loud because you are worried about what others might think of you, think again. I believe that it’s better to say what you think rather than to say nothing at all. Especially if you are in school, it’s better to have a large class discussion with different opinions and thoughts rather than a one-sided argument. You will learn so much more. So remember that the next time you’re in class and feel anxious about putting up your hand and voicing your thoughts. It’s okay to have a different opinion. Allow others to grow and learn from what you have to say.

6 Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby It’s true. If there is something that you desire in life, or something that you are truly passionate about, then you should go for it wholeheartedly. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want just because you are scared that you might fail. Everyone fails - it’s a part of life. The fact that you went out there and give it your all is all that matters. If you keep an open mind, try out different things, and put yourself out there, you will succeed. So keep American actor and comedian Bill Cosby’s statement in mind the next time you try something new.

7 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali This is a quote by American boxer Muhammad Ali. Don’t be scared to go after what you want, or do what you want to do. If you’re too scared, you will never move forward. You will never grow, and never fully grasp all the potential that you possess. Your life will become stagnant – and who wants that? So be brave. Take that next step forward. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

8 Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton This is something that a lot of us shy people do -- we build a lot of walls around ourselves to keep people out. What would happen if we changed those walls into bridges and reached out? Wouldn't we feel more fulfilled in life?

9 Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa This is such an inspirational and true quote! Do you find yourself, as a shy person constantly judging other people and not giving them a chance to prove their worth? Maybe take this quote to heart ladies!

10 Steve Maraboli

Steve Maraboli If you are a shy person, it can be really hard to smile at strangers. Did you know that if you smile at just one person that you don't know, you could absolutely change their life? Ladies, get out there and flash those pearly whites!

11 Dennis S. Brown

Dennis S. Brown This is another one of those quotes that just sticks with you. There is something to be said about your attitude and if you are constantly having bad days, maybe it's time to just change your mind. Think about it!

These are just a few inspirational quotes for shy people to help overcome anxieties. There’s nothing wrong with being shy, but if you notice that it’s beginning to govern every aspect of your life, then there’s a problem. I hope these quotes help with any sort of anxieties that you may have. So get out there and take some baby steps in the right direction. Go outside of your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and take a chance. You are strong. You can do it. Which of these quotes do you find most inspiring and helpful?

This post was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.

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