7 Ideas for Having Summer Fun with Your BFF ...


Whether you’re on a break from school or are in the work force now, you are going to want to spend lots of time with your BFF this summer while the weather is nice and you can relax and have some fun. You might need to spend some time coordinating your schedule to fit it in, but it will be totally worth it to make some memories with your bestie and create a summer you’ll never forget.

1. Go on an Overnight Road Trip Close to Home

This is a pretty inexpensive thing to do and one that you and your BFF will really enjoy. Book a hotel room in a town close by that has lots of things to do. See all the sights, eat good food, get some rest and do it all again the next day. It’s a short vacay, but one that you’ll want to repeat every summer.

Try Ice Cream Shops All over Town
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