Inspirational Ways 🌈 on How to Cope 🙏 with Anger 😡 over Political Issues 📈 ...


It would be fair to say that the United States is standing at a crossroads right now. Trump recently signed a reversal order ensuring that families taken into custody at the border are kept together. However, there is a lot of upheaval over the issue and it's natural to feel quite angry when you're staying updated by watching the news and reading the latest. The key to learning how to cope with anger over political issues is to have some tricks up your sleeve. These handy tips can help you stay on top of hot button political topics without blowing your top. So, without further ado, here's how to cope with anger over the country's biggest problems.

1. Get off Social Media

When you're cruising your Facebook feed or catching up on the latest Tweets, chances are you're reading or seeing political updates that you might not agree with. If you're getting angry because these updates don't align with your beliefs or you're angry because the reporters are taking a biased view, shutting down your social media is the clear answer. Taking a break is one of the best ways to cope with anger, so step back for a few days and let your anger simmer down.

2. Don't Watch the News

Likewise, take a break from the news. Or at least cut back on how much you watch over the course of a day. If you're angry about a political issue, seeing it being rehashed and debated on the news all day is only going to drive your anger. Shut it off and just get a rundown of the highlights and leave it at that.

3. Agree to Disagree

No matter what the hot button political issue happens to be at the moment, chances are you have friends or family members who stand on the opposite side of the issue. In such cases, it's best to agree to disagree and not discuss the issue at get togethers. That way, no one is angry and no one says things they don't mean in the heat of the moment.

4. Figure out Why You're Angry

This might sound like it's obvious - you know what's making you angry. The trick here is to figure out why it makes you angry. Once you've tuned into the specific political issues that are driving your anger, you can figure out good ways to alleviate your anger and move on.

5. Find a Positive Outlet

When you're angry, it's not a good idea to stew and simmer for long periods of time. All that extra stress isn't good for your physical or mental health. Find some ways to burn off the worst of the anger. That might be taking a brisk walk or attacking some cleaning jobs you've been putting off. Once you've burned off some of that angry energy, you should be able to assess the situation in a more clear-headed way.

6. Do Something to Make a Change

Instead of being angry for no reason, channel your anger into making the changes you want to see. Sign petitions, write a letter to your Congressperson or consider a career change into politics. Of course, your duty as an American is to vote so make sure you are making your voice heard at the polls.

7. Make a Donation

If you have the means, consider making a financial contribution to a charity or organization that is on your side of a political issue and is working to make the changes you want to see. If you can't run for office or change careers, you can support those who are taking the steps you side with by giving them money along the way.

Do you get angry over political issues? How do you cope?