How to Apply Feng Shui for a Peaceful and Prosperous Life ...


Feng Shui is not only applicable for your house or office, but offers many other applications for your wellbeing. Feng Shui is applicable to your car or in the garden as well as for the improvement of your personal energy. However, the best introduction to Feng Shui is through your home. Once you have mastered this, you can move on to higher and more complex levels of this energy influence.

All Feng Shui calculations start from your date of birth. They include your personal birth element, your lucky directions, Kua number, and your Chinese zodiac sign.

1. Remove Clutter in Your Home

Clearing your home of clutter may take a while, but it is highly therapeutic and creates a harmonious feeling of Feng Shui energy. This step is essential for Feng Shui and you will have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you have completed the job. Anything around the house that you do not like, get rid of it.

This applies to your wardrobe also. We all have clothes that we do not wear and they occupy your closet space year in and out. Now is the time to bid them farewell, take them to a thrift shop and let somebody else enjoy them. This is good Feng Shui. The out of sight strategy does not work with Feng Shui. Painting the inside of your wardrobe white is also good as this color is considered the best for the Feng Shui influence.

The same applies to your childrenโ€™s clothes and toys. Let them โ€˜bagโ€™ things they no longer wear or play with and pass them along to children less fortunate who would love to have something new.

Let in Good Quality Light and Air